Cap City Soccer values basic ball mastery & control. The sole of the foot is a surface that allows any player (beginner or advanced) to first understand, then to continue improving upon their mastery of the ball. Once mastered, many options unveil that are not achievable without first being able to control the ball. The Cap City Soccer staff genuinely cares about the development of each player working with Cap City Soccer and it's affiliates. These basic concepts drive the instruction & curriculum of Cap City Soccer & it's programs.


This whole story started in 1986 when a Bolivian high school student arrived at Maple Hill High School through Rotary's Foreign Exchange Program.  Jorge Aponte came after participating in the FIFA U-16 World Championship to represent his home country of Bolivia.  The arrival of Jorge forever changed the culture and environment of the Maple Hill High School Boys Soccer Program.  At the time, Nick Southworth was only 6 years old and Jorge became good friends with Nick's older brothers, Cliff & Jeff.  From the moment Nick saw the amazing control and mastery of the ball that Jorge brought with him from the Tahuichi Academy, Nick knew the game of soccer was going to be a large part of the rest of his life.  With all the time Jorge spent at the Southworth household from 1986-1988, Nick took every chance he got to absorb all the knowledge of the game that Jorge had acquired throughout his time in the Tahuichi Academy.  

After Jorge returned to Bolivia in 1988 to continue onto his professional soccer career, Nick continued to pursue the passion he had for the game.  Nick was inspired by Jorge's ability and aspired to be that good some day.  Believing that one day Jorge would return, which was all he could do before the existence of social media, Nick continued to work to be like Jorge.  From Maple Hill High School to his college days at both Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute & University at Albany, and even into his days with Empire State Games, Electric City Shockers, Black Watch Highlanders & Albany Admirals, Nick has had a very successful career.

Just when Nick was beginning to think he wouldn't ever reunite with Jorge, they connected over the phone in 2006. Jorge was living on the west coast in California, where he had been coaching as an ODP scout for Cal South and hired under US National Team Head Coach, Steve Sampson.  In 2012, Jorge & Nick connected once again to follow their passion for the game of soccer, and Jorge moved to Niskayuna to coach for FC Dutchmen Premier.  

Nick & Jorge started Cap City Soccer as a training brand, and it has not stopped growing since.  The first year of clinics brought MLS Legend Marco 'El Diablo' Etcheverry to make an appearance and Cap City hasn't looked back since.  We now have a remarkable volunteer staff under Cap City Soccer LLC and are managing the inaugural Cap City College Showcase on April 8-9, 2017, where we will bring both 'El Diablo' and Jaime Moreno as guest appearances for a cocktail hour during the weekend of the showcase.  We are all very proud of both what we have built and of what is in store for the future of soccer in the Capital Region.